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I-Net Hosting: Your Trusted Partner in Virtual Hosting Services

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Colombo, Since August 2002

Dear Valued Customers,

At I-Net, we take immense pride in being the pioneer of Virtual Hosting Services in Sri Lanka. With over two decades of dedicated service, we have become the preferred and most reliable choice for corporate hosting needs.

Why Choose I-Net Hosting?

Reliability: With a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, we ensure that your websites and corporate emails are always accessible. Our support team is reachable via phone and email 24×7, providing round-the-clock assistance.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our hosting infrastructure comprises state-of-the-art servers equipped with SSD drives, Tier 1 Datalinks, and ample RAM. Hosted in multiple Data Centres with Backup Generator Power, we ensure the highest level of performance and reliability.

Customer Focus: When you join the I-Net family, your communication becomes our prime responsibility. With our robust hosting solutions, you can concentrate on taking your business to the next level while we handle your hosting needs.

Exceptional Track Record: Our drop rate of less than 1% over the past 23 years speaks volumes about our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Contact Us Today!

If you’re in need of a reliable hosting solution for your esteemed organization, look no further than I-Net. Contact us at 0777 745489, and let us take care of your hosting needs while you focus on growing your business.

Thank you for choosing I-Net Hosting, your trusted partner in virtual hosting services

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