I-Net Upgrades PC for Designing Enthusiast @ No Cost

As part of its initiative to encourage young talents, I-Net has upgraded a PC for a budding designer, enhancing its performance and reliability. The upgraded system was provided to Shafeek Hassan at no cost, thanks to the efforts of the I-Net Support Team.

The I-Net Support Team carried out a comprehensive upgrade on the desktop PC. This included installing a high-speed SSD, which significantly improves data access times, and a thorough check and servicing to ensure all components are in optimal working condition. The enhancements aim to provide Shafeek with a powerful tool to support his design projects.

In the accompanying picture, I-Net Support Team member Lochana Mithudam (right) is seen handing over the upgraded PC to a delighted Shafeek Hassan. This moment captures the spirit of community support and the joy of receiving a valuable resource that can make a significant impact on one’s creative journey.

This initiative by I-Net not only boosts the capabilities of young designers like Shafeek but also reinforces the company’s commitment to fostering talent and innovation within the community.

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